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Atualizado: 4 de jul. de 2021

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Viladelco is a company recognized not only for its personalized work strategy, but for the quality delivered in its products and the concern with the material manufacturing process.

Gold certificate from the LWG

And this year, despite all the challenges the world has experienced, Viladelco has earned the Gold certificate from the LWG - Leather Working Group, a non-profit organization created by major brands in the market and leather producers, who are worried about the impact of their raw material on the environment. Viladelco supports this cause because it is a company that believes in the importance of sustainable practices in the leather industry. Therefore, it showed great dedication to win this recognized certificate.

In order to guarantee the Gold certification, Viladelco had to comply with all requirements requested by the LWG, regarding environmental issues such as air and noise emissions, tannery production data, handling of restricted substances, energy consumption and emergency plans. The Gold certificate from the LWG is required by international buyers and favors negotiations with major brands in the market.

Viladelco has a daily commitment to sustainability.

The company is always looking for new strategies and technologies that favor work processes and, consequently help to protect the environment. The company's purpose is to deliver the best products to its customers, with high quality and the greatest sustainable plan that our planet deserves.

Count on Viladelco for your business needs - an LWG GOLD certified company.

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