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We use the latest technology and optimized processes to deliver more.

This is the dictionary entry.

TRUST – 1. Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. 2. The belief that something is good quality and will not fail.

One of the main qualities of any company of excellence is an ability to maintain the trust of its customers by providing exemplary service, whether contracts, products, services, deliveries, feedback or maintaining business relationships. Imagine when we are dealing with procuring such exacting supplies, such as leather. Even more so when this leather could end up anywhere in the world.

However, trust is something that has to be earned over time, as we well know, especially in business.

But how do you know if a new business partner is reliable or not?

Here are three basic tips to check before doing business:

1 - See who have been previous customers of the company and ask them for feedback. This is an old way of getting information, but still very effective;

2 – See how long the company has been operating for. Have a look at their history and business purpose. Longevity and consistency count for a lot;

3 - Is the company certified? Acknowledgement by the market and the media is also worth a few points!


We use the latest technology and optimized processes to deliver more.

We operate out of one of the biggest centers for shoe leather in the world. New techniques are developed here every day.

Within all this constant innovation, we have continued to adapt and come up with new ideas to improve your return on investment in the raw material.

You can join us too!

Contact us by email: or Whatsapp: +55 51 98206 -4585

Follow us on social media and keep up with other tips on how to improve your business!

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