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We take care of the smallest details

Be assertive in choosing who supplies your raw material. ūüĎĆ

When producing a leather product, we know the research process, evolution of the idea and for this, we work on the elaboration of the right article for the accomplishment of your project.

ūüöÄ Whatever your demand for leather goods is, Viladelco works to meet your standards and requirements.

We understand that the Leather market requires strong partners, aligned with the profile of your business and we value this partnership very much, being your eyes throughout the production process of your orders here in Brazil. ūü§Ě

Your final product with excellent results. ūüéĮ

We will be delighted to know more about your company and how we can collaborate with our product.


ūüď≤ WhatsApp No. +55 51 9 8206 4585

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