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Outstanding style of Leather: one of the most desired materials when it comes to interior decoration

Outstanding style, refinement and sophistication make leather one of the most desired materials when it comes to interior decoration. Just a leather made piece, such as an armchair, for example, can give a whole new meaning to your surroundings.

Resistant, leather is also used in the manufacture of furniture and upholstery, in addition to standing out in appliqués in decorative objects, wall and floor coverings. Moreover, leather adapts to different styles of decor, contributing to the creativity of interior architects and the desires of end consumers.

One of the most iconic pieces of Brazilian furniture design, the Mole Lounge Armchair (mole, means soft in Portuguese) created by Sergio Rodrigues (1927-2014) in 1958, became world famous by its leather comfort style. The unique armchair was a huge contribution to the recognition of Brazilian design around the world.

For those of you who value sophistication and durability in your creations and want to see your pieces being desired, there is nothing better than using leather.

Interior designers and architects know this very well and are looking for unique pieces for their projects.

With the Uphostery leather line, Viladelco manufactures durable and unique leather pieces, which will guarantee the sophistication and perpetuity of its products.

Contact us by e-mail at or Whatsapp through the number +55 51 98206 -4585, to learn more about our options for items in this line of leather upholstery pieces

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