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Leather adds value and quality and has a unique style!

As it is a natural product, leather has its own unmistakable characteristics. It is comfortable and has a beauty far beyond its natural form. It can be manufactured in different ways, depending on its intended use, whether to make shoes, bags, accessories, clothing, furniture etc.; it can come in different widths, with different prints, colors or finishes.

This, together with its natural pattern are typically characteristic of such an original material.

We are Viladelco Leather Industry and we can provide you with the best leather, which will make your product better!

Make your product stand out through the quality we can give you! We are a company that provides finished bovine leather that meets the most exacting standards.

Versatile, for a wide range of uses.

Leath er is very versatile. It is used as a feature in various industries, such as items of furniture, shoes, bags, accessories, clothing and many other products.

Our company is a specialist at producing and delivering the right items to improve your products.

You can have a company working with you that can produce just the leather that you need.

Leather adds value and quality and has a unique style!

Well-produced, treated leather can last a long time, hundreds of years even. We at Viladelco Leather Industry want to work with your company and make the most of this incredible, natural raw material.

We consider the entire development and production process of each customer individually. We provide a personalized service and we never drop the standards of our Viladelco service!

We supply the best in finished bovine leather, so that you will want us to continue being your supplier and an extension of your own development department, so that you can be sure to get the results you expect!

Contact us, find out more about Viladelco and come and work with us.

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