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5 Leather usage

Durability, malleability, firmness and easy maintenance.

Leather is one of the most supreme and versatile raw materials. And Viladelco knows better than anyone about this.

Thus, using the most modern technologies, combined with the most optimized processes, we have developed 5 leather lines that embrace their most versatile uses.

 Garment line, ideal for jackets and heavier and more resistant pieces;

 Upholstery line, with unique, sophisticated and perennial leathers for

armchairs and upholstery;

 Performance Line, for shoes for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);

 Decor line, ideal for rugs and coverings;

 Fashion line, with the best leather for the production of shoes, purses and

other fashion items.

One of them will definitely meet your business needs!

Come with us on this journey!

Contact us by e-mail or Whatsapp +55 51 98206 -4585.

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